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I do not enjoy being a girl... [Feb. 8th, 2007|11:34 pm]
Random rambles of me
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[music |Nick of Time - Bonnie Raitt]

Sometimes, often times, I am afraid to say how I feel. I don't know why...yet. I am working on it, but there times, when I am too ashamed to ask for what I need. Not how I feel, but what I need from someone.

Let me explain a little more. I don't want to have to ask someone to tell me they love me (everyone, not just the BF), but why is this important? Shouldn't I just know that everyone does? Well I don't. That's not how I'm made up. I don't know...

When I read those three words tonight, I felt so much better, because really that was all I needed. Three words that to me, mean the whole world.

I'm done.

From: malaul
2007-03-04 07:50 pm (UTC)
No, that place was sucking away my will to live
I had to leave

and yeah, he is totaly cute!!
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