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Bye Bye My Baby Bye Bye [Sep. 6th, 2006|05:36 pm]
Random rambles of me
[mood |goodgood]

The title of this post makes no sense I'm sure. It's better that way.

So...Have an acid flash back to last week sucking hard. Harder than when I was taking mid terms and my father was in the hospital. Harder than ANYTHING.

Flash forward now to today...And how it is glorious. I spent the majority of yesterday looking for a new job, and of course, organizing more shit than I care to even think about. Today I saw a few patients, went to some meetings, and then had crazy group. I love those rec therapists up on "the unit". They keep me sane...Which is kind of funny considering its the psych ward, which apparently the new CEO called a dump. Hilarious.

I haven't been up there in three weeks because of the insanity known as my life and job. I apologized, and they felt bad for me. So at least I know its not just me. Other people see the ridiculousness of this place. Thank god, for I thought I was going to have to be committed.

PBF and I got back together...I think its safe to say I can drop the P off of the BF part. This makes me a happy girl, considering I was a sad bastard about it. I am far too young and important to be a sad bastard...Let's be real people. I am a damn good time...And (P)BF knows that...And well now I do too. So to sum it all up - it's all good in the hood (if ya know what I'm slammin down with my ghetto slang). God I am a dork.

Anywho...Everything is good right now. CB (Crazy Boss) is on vaca, and I am kicking ass and taking names bitches. I love it when I don't have CB breathing down my neck, I get a hell of a lot more accomplished. I feel at ease, and the work load just flows better. I called two places yesterday about jobs, one being Roswell Park Cancer Institute. They don't have a music therapist there...And that boggles my mind how they don't have a creative arts person working in a top notch cancer center like that. CRAZY people!
I also called the Avalon Eating Disorder Center, who has an art therapist on staff, and they currently aren't looking for anyone, but were 1. Impressed with my ED experience (which is like...6 months of it) and 2. Nice, and took my name and number down. So that would be cool, considering I really think the adolescent ED group of kids were my biggest strength during the internship. I would love to be back working with the young angst of adolescence. The music, the mood swings...ooh I just love it!

Anywho...On another note - I started graduate school. What? You say? Graduate School? Yes that is right kids, higher education here I come again. I love love love being back at naz. It makes me want to go back to get my degree in Higher Ed Admin still though. But I will get this creative arts shit, and my state licensure, and my boards passed, and then I can go back if I want. I can have my masters and another one too.

Well now I am going to a top secret meeting till 7 that will probably change my life forever. Or not...We will see.

That should keep most of you guessing for a while.

Thanks for listening...Or reading. I like comments by the way.

[User Picture]From: realspecialgirl
2006-09-07 05:01 am (UTC)
You like comments? Well my comment is that OMG- you so are amazing with ED kids. I agree in that it was a huge strength for you- I loved when i joined in on your group with them !(though you started it up like... my last week) haha... but seriously. GREAT.

MISS YOU co-tern, and hope alls good
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