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Love ohhh love [Nov. 26th, 2007|12:11 am]
Random rambles of me
Just thought you all should know that I love this man more than anyone in the whole world.

The end.

Oh p.s. I think I am a movie star in this pic apparently
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whoa. [Oct. 7th, 2007|11:32 pm]
Random rambles of me
[Current Location |Rochester]
[mood |okayokay]
[music |Ingrid Michaelson]

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updated [Jun. 20th, 2007|07:56 pm]
Random rambles of me
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]


I still read a lot of journals here, but I am not a big fan of LJ anymore.  I blog here  

Read me.
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I do not enjoy being a girl... [Feb. 8th, 2007|11:34 pm]
Random rambles of me
[Tags|, ]
[music |Nick of Time - Bonnie Raitt]

Sometimes, often times, I am afraid to say how I feel. I don't know why...yet. I am working on it, but there times, when I am too ashamed to ask for what I need. Not how I feel, but what I need from someone.

Let me explain a little more. I don't want to have to ask someone to tell me they love me (everyone, not just the BF), but why is this important? Shouldn't I just know that everyone does? Well I don't. That's not how I'm made up. I don't know...

When I read those three words tonight, I felt so much better, because really that was all I needed. Three words that to me, mean the whole world.

I'm done.
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oh and! [Nov. 16th, 2006|01:04 pm]
Random rambles of me
[mood |crushedcrushed]

AND TO MAKE IT WORSE. FATHER GARY DIED! I confessed my sins to this man at 16! what the helllll!
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proof that god hates me. [Nov. 16th, 2006|12:43 pm]
Random rambles of me
[mood |crushedcrushed]

This post is going to emotional. You've been warned.

Some of you know that I am/was planning on having Gastric Bypass surgery. Actually I was going to have a new procedure called Gastric Banding - which is basically them placing a band around your stomach to make it smaller - without all the crazy side effects of re-routing your insides.

Well it seems that I must have missed a memo yesterday when they (the two surgeons), announced they would be peacing out.

At first, I got really pissed. Then I took a deep breath, and called the office. No one answered (of course, since they really aren't talking). So now I am upset.
I am upset because I finally felt like I might have had the tool to finally kick this piece of shit weight problem i've had since I was 9. It was my knight in shining armor essentially. It was going to help me be this new fabulous looking person that I thought I could only dream about.

You might be saying, well just get your ass to the gym and stop eating. Well ya see, i've done that. I have tried every diet known to man. I go to the gym at LEAST twioce a week (which might not seem like a lot, but its something). I am sick of being a fucking fatty. I want to be able to fit into a vera fricken wang wedding dress! I want to have a baby at some point in my life! I wanted this so badly.

I feel like it was a dream. I wasn't even going to tell people I was having it. I was only going to tell my parents, melisa, tricia, and doug. That is it.

I don't know what to do...
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because cold oatmeal doesn't do him justice. [Oct. 3rd, 2006|10:24 am]
Random rambles of me
[mood |geekygeeky]
[music |dixie chicks - silent house]

I love fall. I really do. Its the perfect time of year. I went home to the kirk this weekend (sort of). It was a pretty entertaining weekend overall. I got home to see my parents house in extreme makeover process. They painted the entire downstairs, and ripped down a wall(!?)...so needless to say it was pretty special there. Stuff is everywhere...literally all furniture thrown into the middle of the room etc. Fun Fun Fun! But I did get to see my cat (or my dad's depending on who you are talking to), and I am thinking of transporting here to the ROC with me. She likes me better anyways. That is a fact.

So Friday I got my hair cut, etc. Today at work, THREE people so far have not recognized me. Three. That is wild! and the nurses on my favorite unit told me I looked cute today. Toooo funny. New glasses and new hair must be good for me. After hair extrodinaire, I drove back to buffalo to see my man friend.

Saturday, was psychic friends network day. Traci and I went to lilydale to see Gretchen Clark. This chick was pretty damn good. She told me several things that were exciting, and one that was not. She told me I was going to be in school forever (big shocker there). And I will have lots of published works. My favorite line from here was...what is all this music around you? Lots of music....yah good thing.
She told me I was going to meet a man named joe with cute dimples, and that he would fall madly in love with me. She then compared my BF to cold oatmeal. Do they make hot and spicy oatmeal? I think he's more like that...ha. He is no where near cold oatmeal..He is wonderful.
Saturday then we (traci, tara and I) decided it would be a good idea to make dinner for all our friends, etc.
Cooking is funny. Add 8 people or so, and its a fricken riot. After our not so tasty dinner, we played P's and A's, where man friend was the president a lot and made people do funny things. And everytime he kissed me, someone said ew gross. That made me laugh. There are some pics on my myspace if you're interested.

Sunday I did about 20 loads of laundry, and then man friend made him and I the best dinner. He's that good friends...makes food, kisses me in public, what more could a girl want!

Today has been pretty busy. I have a few patients to see today, then I'm off to the eye doctor.
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I've employed the old "I have a spare ticket for The Killers if you want to come" strategy [Sep. 29th, 2006|10:49 am]
Random rambles of me
[Tags|, ]
[mood |contentcontent]

Oh My God. I just read the best blog online about how music affects the part of the brain that has to do with sex. Read it, its funny! Oh and informative!

I stumbled upon this little diddy while trying to google "songs about change". I was going to use that as a theme for my crazy group. What are your favorite songs about change? Any change. Political...Social...Anything! I want to know - leave some comments biatches.

My favorite line from that blog is this quote, written by a woman, and it is so true.
"It also accounts for men's habit of leaving a few groovy CD's casually lying around the living room when entertaining a lady. "What great taste," we're supposed to think. "Come here, you beast!"

So that is why I've been yearning for a mix tape?

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careless love [Sep. 17th, 2006|10:47 am]
Random rambles of me
[mood |geekygeeky]

I haven't updated in a while. Though I am pretty sure that no one reads this anyways, but if you do...well good for you.

Last week I came down with the plague. Actually it was strep throat, which then traveled to my eye. That is hot you say? Yes it was hot, and still is. Now I have no swollen glands/strep throat, but still a semi-ugly looking eye (which will be apparent when my ugly mug is featured in the democrat and chronicle this week). My doctors office called me again today, and I can't wait to hear what is up now. Adding to my list of ailments is a stuffy nose with sneezing. Yo immune system! Cut a gal a break!!

Things other wise have been pretty good. I got my first paper back from grad school today and I got me a perfect score. Now that...is good. I am pretty impressed with myself. It was an easy paper, talking about my childhood, and I basically stole all my ideas from a blog I wrote a few weeks back about my grandparents. Turned out to be pretty handy. Good job blog.

This weekend I am heading home to the kirk. This is thrilling to me because my parents have apparently gone all extreme home makeover on me, and while I've been gone they have repaired a ceiling, fixed light fixtures, PAINTED (which has not been painted since Feb. 1982 (when I was born)), and patched a many holes in the wall. We basically haven't done anything in 25 years. They even got a new back sliding glass door....wow. It'll be wierd no doubt.
Friday is Makeover Libby Day!! HOORAYYY!!! My hair is annoying. I keep having this thought about cutting it short and sassy again....but I think I'll just trim it up and have brooke work her highlighting/lowlighting magic on it. Its become a beast. I hate it currently, and its ugliness will also be showcased in the picture mentioned above.
Saturday I am going to see psychic Gretchen Clark in Lilydale. I'm pretty excited about it, and a little nervous, but I am hoping she'll give me some direction. I need a little guidance at this point as to what to do with my life. It's funny, I may appear to have it all figured out, but I am the biggest critic of myself, and is this what I'm supposed to be doing...in career, love, education, location, etc...basically everything. Well...kinda. I feel like I am the type of person that leads with thier heart. I don't really rationalize things realistically. I tend to go with what feels right.

I am going to make a separate post about all the good new music that i've been listening too...maybe later or tomorrow...but the title of this post comes from a song covered bye jazz singer madeline peyroux. I just bought her new album, and it is by far, my favorite of the week.
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Bye Bye My Baby Bye Bye [Sep. 6th, 2006|05:36 pm]
Random rambles of me
[mood |goodgood]

The title of this post makes no sense I'm sure. It's better that way.

So...Have an acid flash back to last week sucking hard. Harder than when I was taking mid terms and my father was in the hospital. Harder than ANYTHING.

Flash forward now to today...And how it is glorious. I spent the majority of yesterday looking for a new job, and of course, organizing more shit than I care to even think about. Today I saw a few patients, went to some meetings, and then had crazy group. I love those rec therapists up on "the unit". They keep me sane...Which is kind of funny considering its the psych ward, which apparently the new CEO called a dump. Hilarious.

I haven't been up there in three weeks because of the insanity known as my life and job. I apologized, and they felt bad for me. So at least I know its not just me. Other people see the ridiculousness of this place. Thank god, for I thought I was going to have to be committed.

PBF and I got back together...I think its safe to say I can drop the P off of the BF part. This makes me a happy girl, considering I was a sad bastard about it. I am far too young and important to be a sad bastard...Let's be real people. I am a damn good time...And (P)BF knows that...And well now I do too. So to sum it all up - it's all good in the hood (if ya know what I'm slammin down with my ghetto slang). God I am a dork.

Anywho...Everything is good right now. CB (Crazy Boss) is on vaca, and I am kicking ass and taking names bitches. I love it when I don't have CB breathing down my neck, I get a hell of a lot more accomplished. I feel at ease, and the work load just flows better. I called two places yesterday about jobs, one being Roswell Park Cancer Institute. They don't have a music therapist there...And that boggles my mind how they don't have a creative arts person working in a top notch cancer center like that. CRAZY people!
I also called the Avalon Eating Disorder Center, who has an art therapist on staff, and they currently aren't looking for anyone, but were 1. Impressed with my ED experience (which is like...6 months of it) and 2. Nice, and took my name and number down. So that would be cool, considering I really think the adolescent ED group of kids were my biggest strength during the internship. I would love to be back working with the young angst of adolescence. The music, the mood swings...ooh I just love it!

Anywho...On another note - I started graduate school. What? You say? Graduate School? Yes that is right kids, higher education here I come again. I love love love being back at naz. It makes me want to go back to get my degree in Higher Ed Admin still though. But I will get this creative arts shit, and my state licensure, and my boards passed, and then I can go back if I want. I can have my masters and another one too.

Well now I am going to a top secret meeting till 7 that will probably change my life forever. Or not...We will see.

That should keep most of you guessing for a while.

Thanks for listening...Or reading. I like comments by the way.
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